Heavily influenced by the western Wildstyle street art, DEBE's creative career started in 2005, starting only with spray paint experiments of his English name. The experiments showed many colorful results, as well as contrast, and structural balance. Eventually his artwork evolved, and became more intricate with the handling of multimedia.In 2008, DEBE founded TWO MUCH Artwork Studio ,DEBE began to combine scribbles with tattoo art, creating a diverse aspect of scribbling. DEBE is now a full time artist, and is often invited to showcases everywhere, cooperation with store brands, in addition, lectures in contribution to promote street art culture in Taiwan, in hopes of expressing himself through his art.

Artist DEBE believes graffiti best expresses the freedom in living. Graffiti takes away the rules and the limits in traditional drawing, defining the creator's freedom of thoughts.'normal' forms are transformed into abstract concept, conveying the sense of moment in time. Seemingly unruly and complicated movements are just the arrangements of elements. With the spray can in hand, through the actions of colors and lines, DEBE captures the splendor of city life, crystalizing his mind that came to fruition with graffiti.

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