JAPAN 2016

JAPAN 2016

POW! WOW! hit its second year in Japan, but this time in the city of Kobe. The action began on October 17th and ran through October 22nd with murals, skate exhibition showcases, educational talks and more. The roster included artists such as Persue, Push, Sam Rodriguez, Caratoes, Cinta Vidal, John “Prime” Hina, Kami and Sasu of Hitotzuki, Ryuichi Ogino and Kensuke Takahashi.

POW! WOW! Japan is centered in Kobe with murals happening on Rokko Island. The festival featured murals happening simultaneously inside a school campus, residential area and at a skatepark located within a three block radius. This year the event focused on education with workshops lead by artists for children at the Canadian Academy from grades one to twelve.

The closing event was a collaboration between POW! WOW! JAPAN and the GSKATE PARK where worldwide active riders lead by Inline skate world champion Takeshi Yasutoko and X-Games skateboarding champion, Kisa Nakamura, who is also a Japanese team rider for the 2020 Olympics.

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