Born in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world. Seher One grew up admiring the graffiti on the walls of the capital’s streets, trying to decode them. At the age of sixteen he had his first experiences with graffiti; which led him to discover and interest in urban art through print and other media difusión.Luego his first training on the streets of the Mexican capital, he decides to study the Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication at the National School of Plastic Arts (UNAM), specializing in Illustration.

“All my life I’ve been a fan of color, bizarre forms of surrealism and fantasy worlds. I have a great fascination with anime and that was where di initiated the creation of my work; I began putting up posters handmade through the streets of the city and in doing so I could understand how to work the way line and color. All my work is fraught with very intense tonal range, bounded by black lines. I find inspiration everywhere, mainly in nature and movement of things, the simplicity of the lines and the quality of them. I consider my work rather than plastic, is a dibujístico character, I love working the line and experiment with it, using color and line lumps generate the three-dimensional shapes, mixing these with ideas that pop into my head result in many forms full of life that shed the feeling wear with movement. ”

Seher One is a Mexican pop artist whose work has begun to be recognized internationally, looming as one of the most promising Mexican street artists. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Mexico and his illustrations have appeared on magazine covers as Canvas , Dibujarte, Migala and Nylon Guys ; and in the pages of magazines Loop and America Magazine . Today the work of Seher One decorates the walls of various external and private areas located in different parts of Mexico.

The images Seher One generates have drawn the attention of international brands such as Medicom Toy, Nike, Volvo, Disney and Casio, with whom he has collaborated on special projects. She recently starred in a TV commercial on national television for the Indian beer where his creative process and work is appreciated. Currently he is working on various personal projects and is preparing to participate in his first solo exhibition.


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