Saturno (Miguel Angel Sanchez) was born on June 25th, 1979, in Malgrat de Mar, a coastal town in northern Spain. He looked for motivation and inspiration on covers of VHS tapes, movie theaters and at arcades that he had in his neighborhood near his house. This was his source of inspiration for years until the arrival of illustration books and later the internet. His passion for science fiction, fantasy and his constant dedication, gave fruit to a world-famous personal brand.

Saturno began spray painting at the age of 14, he spent his adolescence immersed in graffiti. Dozens of graffiti magazines hung on his shelves and by mail he exchanged his photos and sketches with other artists from other cities and countries. In 2000, he studies some drawing, graphic design and airbrushing. In 2006, he set up his studio focused on advertising and graphic design, which he maintained until he began tattooing in 2008. After years of combining tattoo and painting, he decided to bet everything on painting, which from the beginning was his element, his true passion. In 2016, he would travel to the city of Los Angeles for the first time. After 4 years of traveling back and forth he has managed to leave a mark not only in America but also on the international scene.

The content of his work is surrounded by a peculiar fantasy setting. Slimy monsters, aliens, mutants from other worlds ... all this accompanied by a very characteristic way of painting including the use of color and a chromatic color scheme. Neon lights, backlit effects, fog and textures ... chromatically it has a wide range of possibilities, it does not set limits, despite moving almost always in the same area, each piece has something that makes it unique.


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