Peap Tar has his roots in graffiti art culture yet later evolving the style into his own creation by combining his New Zealand Heritage and Cambodian Heritage to create a unique form of street art. His signature sinister yet tranquil works of art has caught the attention of art lovers around the world and has also gained respect from many of his artistic peers. This has given Peap international recognition and has led to features in various international art magazines and galleries. Peap’s art exists in a world where lightness and darkness battle, yet coexist in the same breath to balance each other and contrast against each other. 

Speaking straight to the point, Peap’s version of street art is truly unique. Working almost exclusively in black and white, Peap’s tribalistic patterns take as much influence from his New Zealand heritage as they do from his Cambodian heritage. Peap is also part of the international art crew known as the “Army Of Snipers”.

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