IMAGINE (a.k.a. Sneha Shrestha) is an artist and educator from Kathmandu, Nepal. She has established herself as a Nepali graffiti artist meshing the Nepali alphabet and the Boston graffiti scene. Imagine has redefined the Nepali alphabet and given it a new identity through graffiti, the alphabet of hip Hop culture.

Being the first to mesh American Graffiti with Nepali Alphabets, she has shown her work in several exhibitions, commissioned works and public walls around the world including Boston, San Francisco, Bali, Istanbul, Geneva and Copenhagen. Her works can be described as thoughtful yet irreverent pieces, marrying the beauty of an elegant script with the droll text she often incorporates into her canvases. When not painting these intricate pieces, Sneha paints bold larger than life walls.

In 2013, Sneha established Nepal’s first Children’s Art Museum to provide a creative space where children and youth can get hands-on art experience and are encouraged to express themselves creatively. Children’s Art Museum of Nepal is the first of its kind space in Nepal.

The project is partially funded by the grant Shrestha received from the Advanced Leaders Fellowship, which she heard about through a World Learning program that had previously given her the opportunity to study abroad in Bali and Geneva. Living and learning in the United States, Geneva and Bali for the past 7 years, Sneha moved back to her hometown in Kathmandu in 2013 to establish Nepal’s first Children’s Art Museum. Sneha’s vision for Nepal Children’s Art Museum is to establish itself as an institution and resource for art and education in Nepal.

Sneha graduated with honors from Gettysburg College with 2 Bachelors degrees in Globalization Studies and Studio Art. Her commitment to using art as a vehicle for positive social change, lead her to work as a Mentoring Artist in Painting and an Education Coordinator at Artists for Humanity in Boston, helping inner city youth. In 2009, Sneha established a children’s library for a struggling public school and publish three bilingual children’s books. She is also an award-winning children’s book writer and illustrator.

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