“East 3” (E3), who was born in the Bay and raised in Honolulu, HI. He started painting at the age of 14. His writing name is ‘East’, which was inspired by Asians coming from the Eastern Hemisphere. His mission was to assist in bringing much deserved recognition to the Asians involved in Hip Hop.

E3’s first commissioned project as an aerosol writer was a mural painted in Hawaii with the legendary “PHASE 2″ (NYC) in 1993. Phase 2 became a good friend and mentor who made a huge impact on E3’s development. Other pioneers who mentored and influenced his grounded traditional foundations as a writer included Deno TC5, Mr. Wiggles, Afrika Bambaataa, Frosty Freeze and Crazy Legs. The opportunity to work with such legends taught E3 the importance of learning all Hip Hop culture and history, so he can keep it alive for future generations.

In 1994, East 3 was recruited by Mr Wiggles and Crazy Legs to build a new Hawaii chapter for the Rock Steady Crew. E3 became the first member of the Rock Steady Crew and Zulu Nation of Hawaii.

E3 has done graphic design work for Afrika Bambaataa (NYC), Kid Robot (NYC), Dj Qbert, Thud Rumble (SF), Tristate (LA), Gold Chain Military, Babe Ruth Band (UK), UK B-Boy Championships, Mighty 4 (SF), Rock Steady Crew (NYC), Tony Touch, Big Dawg, Rawkus Records, Clear Channel Broadcasting, and GQ Magazine.

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