DJ Jimmy Taco is a DJ, and sound engineer based in Honolulu Hawaii. Born in Glendale California. Jimmy has grown up in Wilmington California and Kaʻu Hawaii. The son of a Rhythm & Blues guitarist, music has always been in the household. He grew up listening to reggae, blues, and rock n roll.

Taco has been a staple to the Hawaii Mixshow Radio seen for the last 20 years. His weekly Mind Tactics Hip Hop Radio is now in it’s nineteenth year.

Taco is a self trained studio engineer who has worked with national recording artists as well has help cultivate local talents through Flip The Bird Music.

Music and hip hop are my first two loves. I am very thankful to have been a part of our Hawaii Hip Hop scene for all these years. Thank you to DJ Dani 1, Daniel J, Mike Nardone, Byze One and my kids with out them my passion for this wouldn’t be what it is.


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