Josh Hall, AKA "Baghead", was born and raised in the suburbs of Miami, Florida. After attending only a few semesters of college, Hall furthered his education in mixed media as a street artist, producing commissioned and non commissioned public works. Heavily influenced by skate and tattoo culture, Hall's work references both urban and organic origins that creatively reconstruct his newfound freedom as an artist.

 Past exhibitions include "Art Whino" (Washington DC,) "Superchief" (New York,) "Thinkspace" (Los Angeles,) "Stolen Space" (London,) "Gauntlet" (San Francisco,) "Subliminal Projects" (Los Angeles,) "Vs. Gallery" (Australia,) and "Vertical" (Chicago.) He has also shown in "Scope Art Fair" during Art Basel Miami Beach, the Honolulu Museum during "Pow Wow Hawaii," as well as "Secret Walls" in Puerto Rico, Tampa and Miami.

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