POW! WOW! San Jose 2017

The internationally renowned POW! WOW! arts festival is making its way to Downtown San Jose, October 22-29, 2017. Organized by Empire Seven Studios, Universal Grammar, and other local sponsors, POW! WOW! SAN JOSE will be a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the larger community in the process and creation of art and music. We are adding to the growing roster of cities, countries, and events that have participated in POW! WOW! thus far: Hawaii (starting in 2011), Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Guam, Antelope Valley, Long Beach, SXSW, Washington D.C., Worcester, and now San Jose.

We want as many people to come out and support public art in our city.

“What’s unusual about this festival is that the art—the murals painted simultaneously by local and global artists, around the city during the week of the festival—will be displayed long after the festival is over, for as long as the buildings they are painted on are standing,” says Juan Carlos Araujo of Empire 7 Studios, a beloved art gallery in San Jose’s Japantown.

“During POW! WOW! SAN JOSE, music gatherings throughout the week will also have center stage. The festival will put a spotlight on the city’s night life scene in addition to its visual arts culture and talent,” says Thomas Aguilar of Universal Grammar, a music event production company with multiple weekly DJ residencies and multiple year affiliation with the San Jose Jazz Festival.

Weeklong Celebration Schedule
In addition to the week-long planned murals, daily music performances, special panel discussions and mural bike ride, POW! WOW! SAN JOSE will tap into the local music and arts scene to share the city’s rich, creative culture and world impact that predates Silicon Valley. For a detailed calendar of events, please visit

About Empire Seven Studios (E7S)
Established in 2008, E7S has been advocating for local/global artists by creating opportunities and providing a place to elevate and highlight emerging talents on a grand scale.

About Universal Grammar
Universal Grammar (UG) is a creative boutique production agency that presents quality artistry from emerging contemporary voices.

POW! WOW! San Jose Artists
Aaron de la Cruz (@aarondelacruz)
Adele Renault (@adelerenault)
Amine Rastgar (@gigamelted)
Ben Henderson (@ohmaigawd)
Casey Gray (@caseygraysf)
Girafa (@longneck4life)
Jasper Wong (@mrjasperwong)
Jet Martinez (@jetmar1)
Jeff Meadows (@jeffmeadows_arts)
Ken Davis (@coolhandken)
Kristin Farr (@kristinfarr)
Lacey Bryant (@evilrobot42)
Lauren Napolitano (@peptalks)
Mesngr (@mesngr86)
Ricky Watts (@rickywatts)
Roan Victor (@roanvictor)
Robbie Api (@chgyyrscrenammme)
Sean Boyles (@seanboyles38th)
Trav (@travmsk)

SAN JOSE 2017 participants